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Electroplated diamond products and diamond products that made of selected synthetic diamonds are extensively used in processing a large variety of abrasive and tough materials in many industrial fields.

Electroplated Diamond Products

Electroplated diamond products usually have highly concentrated synthetic diamonds rigidly bonded by a tough and durable nickel alloy. The diamond particles protrude from the nickel bond. This unique feature allows the nickel bond electroplated diamond tools can provide a freer cutting with maximum stock removal and minimum heat generation.

Diamond Products

Diamond Products are categorized into several types by different bonds and manufacturing technologies. Unlike the nickel bond diamond tools, metal bond diamond tools have multiple layers of diamond particles impregnated (buried) inside the metal bond matrix. The metal bond surrounding the diamonds must wear away to continuously keep re-exposing the diamonds for the diamond tools continuing to work. They are known for the durability and consistency. The combination of alloy matrix and concentration of diamond particles are adjustable depending on materials that being processed and application requirements.

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